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>> breaking now, brand new sweeping security rules coming from the tsa. coming in the wake of that attempted airline attack on christmas day. ahead, details what the new regulations mean for you no matter where you're travelling. i'm julie banderas and we're live as fox reports tonight. also tonight, the u.s. and britain shutting down their embassies in yemen citing threats by the same groups linked to the failed christmas day bomb plot. this, as the president's top anti-terrorism advisor admits mistakes were made in keeping the would-be bombing off the plane, but says there was no single red flag to warn of
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impending attack. >> there was no smoke gun piece of intelligence that says this guy would get on the plane. >> julie: more for the search for answers in washington. police say he was on the run for months. a man accused of murdering four family members on thanksgiving day, now behind bars. >> there's a weight lifted off our shoulders, obviously, boy making this apprehension, now i stand before you and have peace. >> ahead, what led them to the motel hide away and what the owners of the hotel are saying now. plus. >> there's no magic temperature that says you're going to get frostbite or not. >> julie: many states below freezing with some reaching sippi single digits. when will this cold snap finally break. first, we have breaking news, the transportation security
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administration announcing new rules for flights headed to the united states from at least half a dozen countries that are considered high risk for terrorism. enhanced screening measures set to take effect as of midnight tonight. more on that in just a moment, but it comes just over a week after the failed bombing on a detroit bound flight and now, the president's top anti-terror advisors saying there was, quote, no smoking gun that could have alerted officials to the plot. the suspect is 23-year-old umar farouk abdul mutallab. he remains in federal custody. accused of trying to set off an explosive on flight 253. and yemen, where they're thought to have trained and armed him. the united states and united kingdom shutting down their embassies citing a terror threat from an al-qaeda affiliate. we have team coverage for you. laura ingle is standing by
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with a report on new security guidelines from the tsa and steve centanni live from hawaii as president obama gets set to address the terror plot once he returns to washington. but first to malini wilkes live in washington. good evening, malini. >> good evening, julie. today, road blocks are set up outside the u.s. embassy in yemen, both the u.s. and british shutting their embassy compounds. white house counterterror advisor john brennan would not elaborate on a specific threat, but told fox the u.s. looked at intelligence and decided would be prudent to close the embassy because of possible threats from al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula. that's the yemen-based group that the white house says trained mutallab. the man suspected of trying to blow up the plane with explosives carried in his underwear. >> this is something we're very concerned about twe're concerned they may be trying to get other operatives, non-yemenis and others to
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train and send to the west. that's why we need to maintain this pressure on al-qaeda in yemen. >> since the christmas day attack, brennan says the u.s. is trying to look at all available intelligence and making sure there's not another abdul mutallab waiting in the wings. he told fox there is no smoking gun or single piece of information that intelligence agencies missed and no sign that agencies refuse today cooperate with each other. he says this was a failure to connect bits and pieces of information. some republicans have criticized the obama administration for choose to go try the suspect in criminal court instead of by military commission. today senator kit bond told fox this is a war and terror suspects should be tried as enemy combatants. julie. >> julie: malini wilkes in washington. as we mentioned earlier the christmas day attack led to strict guidelines at airports around the world. the transportation security administration announcing today new policies for any
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international flight heading into the u.s. and even tougher rules from nations deemed by the u.s. government to be quote, state sponsors of terrorism. the changes sure to be a wakeup call for travelers looking to return home from a long holiday week. laura ingle continues our fox team coverage. she joins you in the studio tonight. hi, laura. >> hi, julie. the changes mean longer lines at security check points at international hubs. tsa announcing tonight that all passengers flying into the u.s. from countries of interest will be required to go what through they're calling enhanced screening. now, those enhancements could include full body scans, body patdowns and carry on searches. and announcing all passengers on u.s. bound international flights will be subject to random screenings, those affected by the new rules will be anyone travelling from or through cuba, iran, sudan and syria, the other countries whose passengers will face enhanced screening nigeria, yemen and pakistan n a statement released a short while ago, the tsa goes on to say, quote, the directive also
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increases the use of enhanced screening technology and mandates threat-based and random screening for passengers on u.s.-bound international flights. the u.s. officials tell fox news tonight that this has been something the tsa has been discussing extensively with their global aviation partners since the detroit christmas incident and that these new guidelines will go into effect at midnight tonight. tsa agents around the country will be briefed on the new guidelines before their shift, just as they're briefed every day about ongoing security concerns and alerts in a written statement. aviation security experts tell fox news this is an appropriate step forward developing solutions to an ever changing threat environment adding that these are changes that are long overdue, julie. >> julie: all right. laura ingle, thank you very much. president obama in the meantime planning to gather with homeland security advisors in the white house situation room on tuesday, right now the first family is wrapping up what's left of its holiday vacation in hawaii. tomorrow, the president arrives back in washington. the president's break from the
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west wing probably not what he originally envisioned after all the planned terror plot consume ago chunk of his time and the counterterrorism advisor reacting to the aement to take down northwest flight 253 bound for detroit. john brennan leading the white house review of the failed attack. . >> one is that there was no smoking gun. no piece of intelligence that says this guy is a terrorism and going to get on the plane. none whatsoever. it was the failure to integrate and piece to go the bits and pieces of information, but it's much different than prior to 9/11. before then, i think there wasn't really a culture of keeping information to the individual agencies and departments. in the review so far there's no indication whatsoever that any agency or department was not trying to share information. >> julie: but that might not provide reassurances for president obama. the president saying there was a systemic failure to prevent the attack linked to al-qaeda. steve san centanni is live in honolulu with more.
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what kind of human and systemic failure is the administration talking about exactly? >> well, that's what they're going to be trying to find out, especially how to solve these problems, they do have a fairly clear idea, julie about what went wrong and one is that they didn't check out mutallab visa after they started to learn about him after they had bits and pieces of information on him and didn't connect the dots. here is more from john brennan. we had information that came from his father. his name was put into the system. and we also had intelligence. bits of intelligence that came in that didn't refer directly to umar mutallab. we need to make sure we can put the pieces together. >> and this is why the president ordered two different reviews and he'll be hearing the results of those this coming week, one review of the watch list that allowed him to get through and allowed
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him not to be on the no-fly list and another one to take a look at our screening procedures which as you've seen have been beefed up considerably just today. julie. >> julie: steve shall the president said that people need to be held accountable. are any of his top aides in trouble perhaps? >> well, we'll have to see. he did say that, but we don't know who could be held accountable, whose head might roll if they find somebody really messed up badly and certainly, somebody appears to have done that. janet napolitano got the most heat, she's the head of homeland security first said that the system worked fine and she had to backtrack and said she meant the system worked fine after the incident, but not beforehand and then there's the head of the cia. leon pan etta and dennis blair held to accounts, too, but they were agained today by john brennan who called them consu consumemat professionals and working hard.
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we don't know who might be held accountable, we'll have to see on that. >> julie: tuesday's meeting should be tense when he meets with security officials. steve centanni live from hawaii that's a wrap for you. thank you, steve. >> yes, it is. >> julie: investigators say he sat through dinner, hours of family sing-alongs and chitchat before murdering four relatives on thanksgiving. now, police nabbing this guy after weeks on the run. a crime show credited with ending the manhunt for a suspected killer, the dramatic story straight ahead and the internet could play a big role in the search for a missing mother of two. friends and family of susan powell about to launch a web media blitz. why popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter could help provide answers to her mysterious disappearance. that's next. ( music, cheering )
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>> so i can avoid catching or spreading the flu this year, it's smart to get a flu shot, wash your hands, cover your cough. but is that enough? after all, you really do want the other 4.5 billion people on the planet to keep their distance. that's why i carry this guy. [engine starts] beautiful day isn't it. [running engine] one quick tug and the sidewalk's all mine. [running engine] works great on elevators, too. [running engine] [engine revs] [running engine] >> the monster is in the cage how one father describes the capture of the man suspected
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of killing his six-year-old daughter and thanksgiving day and shocking murders, his own brother-in-law. a week's long manhunt coming to an end after u.s. marshals nabbed paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys. new video of authorities taking merhiges car on it that tow truck there and searching his room where he was staying at a motel. investigators saying palmer hinl carefully plotted the murders ahead of the rampage and the 33-year-old accused of gunning down his twin sisters, an elderly aunt, and a six-year-old cousin during the family gathering. phil keating is live in our miami news room with more on the tip at that actually led to the big arrest. so, was merhige in south florida all along, phil? that's where u.s. marshals new firmly believe because a man named john bocka checked into a motel in the florida keys on december 2nd and basically never left. there was a national manhunt
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on the look out for merhige, 75 miles southwest of miami on long key, halfway between key largo and key west. it was in the edgewater lodge motel where merhige was apprehended last night after a team of u.s. marshals aided by sheriff's deputies smashed through the sliding glass window of the room because his mattress had been stacked up against the front door so that it was hard to get in. they then tased him after he fled to the bathroom, but while they do say there were weapons inside, merhige never fired a shot and i'm told he was crying as they walked him in handcuffs to the car. >> julie: and how did this fugitive avoid being seen sooner? >> basically, he never left the room. according to the motel owners he paid cash for the first two weeks upfront and he asked for a special request, please don't have any cleaning people come to my room to clean it or change the sheets. i'll take care of all of that myself. and inside the room,
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investigators say they found a stock pile of peanut butter, beans and fig newton's and snickers basically living on because he was not leaving so he wouldn't be seen and shaved his head and grew a beard to disguise himself. >> julie: what do investigators believe was the motive for the killings? >> well, he had basically been estranged from his extended family for 10 or 13 years. for example, the parents of makayla sitten, the little girl, youngest of the four victims, they hadn't seen him for a decade and showed up thanksgiving day and while they were watching him, quiet all night, but apparently had a long simmering feuds with one of the sisters, carla merhige and each filed a domestic violence complaint against each other and there was never a conviction involved. . >> julie: phil keating, thank you very much. she disappeared nearly a month ago, but susan powell's friends and family aren't giving up. starting tomorrow they're
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launching a three day social media blitz using facebook, twitter and even youtube ap hope the effort will keep her image in the public eye and possibly spark some leads. police say the utah mother of two went missing december 7th under what they're calling suspicious circumstances and calling her husband and father of two young kids a person of interest in this case. josh powell telling police that around the time his wife went missing, he was actually on a camping trip in the desert with his two young children despite temperatures well below freezing. police have said that they have yet to verify that story. a major gambling bust shutting down an operation pitting animals against each other in gruesome fights to the death. police arresting nearly 170 people in a cock fight raid in texas. sheriff's deputies finding drugs, cash and dead and injured roosters at the scene in poolville, which is about 50 miles outside of fort worth. we understand child protective services also taking custody of several children, ages
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seven to 15, who were in the home. police are also arresting those charged with a gambling offense and some may even face organized crime charges. the bust coming after two weeks of police surveillance at the site. a daunting deadline approaches president obama. this is the month he pledged to shut down guantanamo bay prison, but that promise now coming under some fire. and it stems from the christmas day bomb plot aboard a u.s. airliner. plus, a peek at the nation's economic outlook, we'll tell you why the coming weeks might reveal the fate of your 401(k) in 2010.
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>> some advice from fed chairman ben bernanke how exactly to keep our economy from sliding into another crisis in 2010. he says there must be more vigilance by policy makers against run away speculation, in other words, stronger regulation should be the first line of defense. >> all evidence should be made to strengthen our system to prevent occurrence of the crisis and cushion the effects if another crisis occurs. however, if adequate reforms are not made or if they're made, but prove insufficient to prevent dangerous buildups of financial risks we must remain open to using monetary policy as a supplementary tool. >> julie: bernanke spoke to the economic association's annual meeting in atlanta. tomorrow, u.s. markets opening for the very first time in 2010, but a new year harboring owl worries. will the u.s. economy found the footing for sustainable
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recovery? if week could hold key indicators for wall streets and 401(k)'s, more from bulls and bears host, brenda buttner. >> last year was worth celebrating for double digit percentage gains for all the markets. it's now 2010 and the bulls could face some battles. their success on wall street will depend on recovery on main street and we'll likely hear mixed news on that this week. friday, we find out the unemployment rate for december forecasts are that it will remain near 10%, but the job cuts are far from over. some predictions call for a peak near 11% halfway through the year before hiring starts again. tuesday, we get word from the auto industry and reports are car sales shifted into high gear in december, one of the strongest sales months of the year. were sales strong elsewhere? retailers ring up cash registers with the full scale
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reports whether consumers were santa claus or scrooge. discounts from last year, that could help the bottom lines of stores. the housing market, a key foundation for any recovery, hits home on tuesday. pending home sales are out then. if all that adds up to a market that keeps soaring, up more than 60% since march lows, maybe one earnings report will make sense, big liquor maker constellation brands is expecting profits that beat the street, but some analysts say investors may be drinking for other reasons this year, potential serious threats to the bulls, interest rate hikes says inflation and borrowing grows and tax hikes as another health care bill and stimulus carry big price tags. dow was actually down for the decade off 8% so maybe stocks have more scene. julie. >> julie: brenda buttner,
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thank you very much. president obama's pledge to close the guantanamo bay prison this month meaning that figuring out what to do with some 200 prisoners still held there is still up in the air. among them roughly 90 are from yemen the same country where a terrorist network has been linked to the attempted attack on flight 253. now, some lawmakers from both parties are calling on president obama it halt any future transfers to yemen, in fact, one republican even faulting former president bush for sending several yemeni detainees home during his administration. but the white house says it will move forward as planned. caroline shively is in washington with the news tonight. caroline? >> julie, the president's counterterrorism chief says the administration will absolutely consider sending yemeni detainees from guantanamo bay back to yemen, despite some lawmakers calls for them to stop immediately. in fact, the obama administration released six more yemenis from gitmo last week, but the releases actually started under the
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bush administration. two gitmo detainees let out in 2006 and 2007 say their branch of al-qaeda based in yemen is behind the christmas day bombing attempt. >> i'm very disturbed by that. everybody ought to admit that the bush administration made a big mistake in transferring these detainees, these terrorists back to other countries. guantanamo facility must be closed. it has served as a propaganda tool for al-qaeda, we're determined to close it. we're not going to, though, do anything that's going to put american security at risk. >> julie: the white house is set on that point. gitmo should be closed, some prisoners sent home and the top administration plan now has some remaining prisoners going to a federal facility in northern illinois. as you see on abc's this week, congress is still split on the issue. >> you could not find a better more humane facility when it comes to a detention center in the world. it seems like a waste to me to take these people to illinois. >> i support the administration's actions to
7:25 pm
open a new prison in illinois. i hope that happens. i hope congress will fund it. >> there are about 90 yemenis still being held in guantanamo, jewel apology caroline shively, thank you. eight months from the drawdown of troops in iraq. new questions arising over whether america can end it by august. that story and a statistics out of iraq since the u.s. troops began fighting there more than six years ago. plus, elephant gone crazy, pilgrims at a religious ceremony running for their lives after one of the main participants runs amok. wait until you hear what startles him next.
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>> a fokts news be-- a fox news weather alert. a winter storm has the nation in an icy grip and from the look of things not likely to go away soon. take a look the northeast and great lakes region are getting the worst of it. parts of young could get up to a foot of snow or more and florida can't escape the wrath of winter. temperatures plunging overnight into the 20's and meteorologist domenica davis joins us from the fox weather center with the chilly details. >> hi, julie, yes, the temperatures are well below normal and it's not just in the places where we expect it this time of year. all the way to the south as you mentioned, florida they're getting 20 degrees below normal temperatures, and this cold sticks around, right into the week because we have a new blast of canadian air that's moving in. so, tomorrow's high really not much of a change here are and temperatures are below normal for most of the country and this trend will last through next weekend. so, we're in it for the long haul. now, what you were talking
7:29 pm
about through the great lakes and the northeast, doesn't start to die down and the low pressure system we've been seeing is finally pushing off to the north and snow tapers off tomorrow and the wind will finally ease up. they're already starting to ease up from the north to the south. we'll see a decrease in those winds by tomorrow and tomorrow morning, but for much of the country, we'll still have a fairly significant wind monday and tuesday and anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour so that means the wind chill is going to be certainly biting and you can see the current wind chill across the country is making it feel about 10 degrees cooler just about everywhere, the feel-like temperature minus 7 in minneapolis, minus 0, 22 what it feels like for folks in memphis. much of the same the rest of the week. >> julie: domenica davis, thank you. bot torch the hour, tile for the top of the news now. threats from al-qaeda are forcing the u.s. and british embassies in yemen to close their doors after both
7:30 pm
countries announce plans to increase aid to yemen to help fight terrorists. it is believed the man who tried to blow up a u.s. airliner on christmas day was recruited by an al-qaeda branch in yemen. and the transportation security administration announcing new guidelines for international flights bound for the u.s., including what it calls enhanced screening procedures. this all coming in the wake of that failed attack on a detroit bound jetliner on christmas day. the guidelines will take effect midnight tonight. t two-- no u.s. troops died in combat, that the first time since the beginning of the u.s.-led invasion that a month has passed without an american losing his or her life in fighting. of course, iraq is still an extremely dangerous place for u.s. forces and iraqi civilians. that's apparent with increase in violence in recent months. the up tick raising some questions though whether the deadline to end u.s. combat operations in iraq by the end
7:31 pm
of august can stay on track. dominic di-natale has more from baghdad. >> julie, this is perhaps the most consequential month in iraq since america invaded. over the summer, and pivotal election in march will set iraq on a new course. some 65,000 soldiers plan to withdraw between june and august, that's more than half the number of boots on the ground right now. that either head home or move on to america's other controversial foreign affair, that in afghanistan. originally the commanding general in iraq said it would be 60 days after elections are held that the first troops would exit the country america want today leave the past few years, but now the plan seems looser, it's all dependent on what happens inside this chamber. iraq's parliament will be expanded in march's election and there are those who don't like the free voting public will retaliate with an all too familiar reaction.
7:32 pm
violence left thousands of iraqi citizens debt in 2009. the u.s. forces are prepared for more post the election. but the question remains whether the iraqi they've trained are ready to do the job on their own, especially when america is so set on taking its troops out this year. julie, when it comes to sticking to that deadline, president obama is determined to do so, but equally as rest late are those who would falt iraq's progress and a national democracy. 2010 will very much be a year of wait and see. julie, back to you. >> julie: dominic di-natale, thank you. while the u.s. prepares to drawdown forces in iraq, it's the opposite in afghanistan, as now, president ordered troops to the country in 2010 ran hopes additional troops and forces can help stabilize afghanistan's security situation and intensifying the fight against the taliban. after all the two go hand in hand, but there are many other crucial factors that will
7:33 pm
eventually influence the overall effort. connor powell has more from kabul. >> julie, accord to go most analysts both civilian and military they expect 2010 to be even more deadly, violent and bloody than 2009 which was a record setting year for violence across afghanistan. general mcchrystal said time and time again, it will be worse before it gets better here in afghanistan. but he explains that it's part of the process of adding additional american, international and afghan troops that there are more troops here engaging in combat so there's a more of a chance for violence, but in the long run those troops, both american and international afghan, will make a difference in terms of reducing the level of violence. as we speak more than 30,000 american troops are rising and according to the next weeks and months, they will begin standing out across afghanistan, begin trying to regain some of the ground that the that be took over this past summer, over the course
7:34 pm
of 2009 and at the same time there's a big push to rebuild the afghan government and the afghan security forces, the afghan government led by afghan president hamid karzai is viewed as one of the most corrupt in the world and building the capacity for a functioning government and build up police and military so they can over the course of the next 18 to 24 months take control, take responsibility for the security situation here. julie. >> julie: connor powell, thank you. closer to home now, mexico announcing the capture of an alleged drug lord from a notoriously violent gang south of the bore they are. carlos dell tran l. vechlt a, carrying two guns and ammo and a false driver's license. he was nabbed on wednesday and waiting to disclose his arrest. his older and powerful brother was killed in a shootout with mexican troops. arturo beltran was the reputed treat of the beltran leva
7:35 pm
cartel. his taking down one of the highest in the mexican government's fight against drug gangs. a plane slides off a runway in germany, and collides in turkey, as we go around the world in 80 seconds. turkey, a passenger train crashing head-on into another train. the collision in northwestern turkey killing one of the engine drivers and injuring at least seven others. government officials saying the accident was caused by an electrical signal failure that should have told one of the trains to stop. germany, a plane headed to the canary islands slides off the runway after the pilot decides to abort takeoff because of a quote, technical irregularity, but wintery conditions kept the plane from stopping until it was too late. miraculously, nobody was injured and those on board put
7:36 pm
on another flight. lebanon, clerics from a sunni political party staging a sit-in against egypt's decision to build an iron wall. meant to curb the smuggling of weapons through tunnels. belgium, more than 6,000 people welcoming the new year with a rather chilly dip in the north zoo sea. an annual event this year had it all from hawaiian grass skirts to bathrobes to lots of crazy people. so, just how cold was it? >> that's all i can say. >> julie: well, there you go. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. elephant gone wild. take a look at this video out of southern india. you don't see this in the united states. a six-year-old female elephant went on a rampage. she was supposed to be taking part in a religious procession, but apparently got spooked by the noise of the crowds and a gate being opened and that's when she went on a
7:37 pm
tear. her keepers did manage to finally get her under control before she caused too much damage, but two people were slightly injured in that crowd. he asked for help and the response is truly overwhelming, mega church pastor rick warren hoping for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to help cover a church deficit. the generosity of people covering that amount and then some. you won't believe it. wait until you hear how much money has been raised so far. and while it seemed like you can't find deals on the internet for almost anything and now hadded baby-sitting to that list. wait until you hear what some creative parents are going online to save money on child care.
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
>> ask and you shall receive.
7:40 pm
at least you might if you're a mega church pastor rick warren. the evangelical leader calling for donations to fill a $900,000 deficits at his southern california church. days later he got that and more. nearly two and a half million bucks in fact. and that only counts donations brought in person to his saddleback church. he's best known for writing of the best selling book "the purpose driven life" and delivered the invocation at president obama's inauguration. it's no secret economic conditions are forcing millions of americans to cut costs where they can and while that's led some parents to get creative when it comes to saving money on services that drain their bank accounts. one big expense, child care. but now, there is a solution for that, too. and it comes compliments of the internet. casey stegall is live in our los angeles news room with more. all right, casey. what's going on? >> well, julie, first of all, as you said in the last show i'm not the baby sitter here.
7:41 pm
nobody wants me watching their children, but takes us back to the good old days when people goods and services by bartering. no money exchanged hands and if it sounds outdated to you, right here in 2010 some parents around the country are using it to pay for child care. it's called a baby-sitting ke op. parents earn points by sitting for others in the group and then later down the line, exchange those points for a night on the town themselves. it's a great gift to your kids to sort of have a system whereby they-- they're introduced to other families, other homes, other cultures, other neighborhoods. things they wouldn't necessarily get. >> terry fitzgerald there even developed a website to instruct other parents on how to set up a baby-sitting co-op in their community and if safety is a concern, all of the sitters are closely vetted to make sure that no criminals slip through the cracks.
7:42 pm
>> i didn't think i would feel so safe about it and i really do. i feel like it's like my kids are going to their friend's houses and it's my friends and i know that they are going to protect my kids. >> it's great. go out to the movies and not have to write that check for $100 for a baby sitter, particularly if the movie is no good. nothing worse getting home from the movie oh, my gosh we just spent $120 to see that? >> all right, if you don't have little ones running around, there are co-op services for pet sitters, house services, transportation to the airport, to and from work. if you want to find out if you have a co-oppositeup on your neighborhood, jump online and do an internet search and find out if you're able to utilize those services in your neck of the woods. julie. >> julie: all right. casey stegall live in los angeles, thank you very much. an injured sea lion that was living on a california pier has vanished. and now, rescuers are searching for the injured animal. this is video taken of the lion. now, take a close look there
7:43 pm
before it disappeared. it had finishing line wrapped around its neck. apparently rescuers tried to use nets to move the animal into a carrier in order to remove those fishing lines so it can be treated at a medical facility, but after two tries, i guess it got scared and dove into the water and swam away and it hasn't been seen since. this is the latest incident adding to the mystery of san francisco's pier 39. up until october the spot had been home to more than a thousand sea lions for a couple of decades, but by the-- by the next month most had disappeared. it's believed that they left the california coast in search of food and many may now be living off the coast of oregon. two wild dogs stuck at the bottom of an abandoned well and a teen heartthrob gives a helping hand to kick off the new year, two stops as we go across america. louisiana, it took more than a day for firefighters to finally douse a fire that
7:44 pm
broke out friday morning in a popular night spot in baton rouge. it completely destroyed the nightclub and several nearby businesses. it opened 25 years ago, a long time favorite of university state university students. not just a place that we all worked, a place that we hung out together and made friends and ate great food so it really hurts a lot to watch it burn like this. >> julie: still no word what caused the fire. california, an amazing rescue after two wild dogs got stuck in the bottom of a 20 foot well. sacramento firefighters had to tranquilize the pups before they were able to attach harnesses and pull them out. we're told both dogs have been turned over to animal control and are doing fine. oklahoma, that's the sound of microsprint car racing. the cars are something after cross between a dune buggy and go-cart.
7:45 pm
a lot faster and louder. organizers say some 15,000 fans showed up at a dirt track for the annual shootout. winners will qualify for the upcoming chilly bowl nationals, considered the biggest of all microsprint car facing. texas, teen idol nick jonas proved he's more than just good looks and talents. the 17-year-old pop star lending a hand at a dallas food bank this weekend. he and about 140 other volunteers spent part of the day assembling bags of food for those in need. >> i'm a little star struck and i thought it was really cool because he seems really nice and cares about helping. >> julie: jonas promised to donate $25,000 to the food bank. and that's a fox watch across america. a day before he's set to return to washington, president obama spending the last day of his hawaiian vacation checking out marine animals at a sea park with family and friends and later he and the first family hung out on the beach at the marine corps base, but for the president, it is more than
7:46 pm
just a vacation, it is a homecoming to his place of birth where he also spent many of his formative years. steve centanni reports from hawaii. >> while much of the country faces freezing temperatures, president obama and his family enjoy the tropical sunshine at their beach front home in oahu. the fourth time that obama has visited the islands in the last 18 months, highlighting the president's affinity for his birthplace and landmarks that trace his history here on the island have become tourist hot spots and a source of pride for many natives. the copy medical center is the hospital where he was born august 4th, 1961 blocks from his grandmother's apartment at the circle apartments. here a young obama moved in with his grandparents in 1971. residents here pay tribute to the president with pictures showing obama and his family when they lived here. obama went to school here. referred to by h.m.o. himself
7:47 pm
as an incubator for the island's elite, but barack obama has come a long way since his early days in honolulu and his first presidential visit now requires the highest security measures. usually the residents around here use this canal to access the ocean in their kay yaks and pleasure boats. now shall the only boats you see around here belong to the secret service. additional road blocks and closures have left some residents less than excited. >> the canal, yeah, if you're a paddler or something if you go out on the boat it's kind after pain. >> i think it would have been more considerate of the president and his family to stay on the military base like the other presidents have so he doesn't have to disrupt everyone else's life. >> but most residents we spoke to were happy to see the president coming home to enjoy the holidays and wished him well. >> we love you! . every time obama's on oahu he comes to the shaved ice shop
7:48 pm
and he came with his daughters and ordered 19 flavors including the snow-bamma. the president and family board air force one for an all night flight back to chilly washington ending a 12-day trip to the islands partly overshadowed by that christmas day terrorist attack. in honolulu, steve centanni, fox news. . >> julie: breakings news on the fox report, a reported security breach, newark national airport, outside of new york city, in lockdown because of a security breach according to reports. new jersey liberty is one of the busiest and in line for full body scanners and x-ray machines and proponents say could have stopped the jumped wear bomber umar farouk abdul mutallab to detroit on
7:49 pm
christmas day. a new word from newark, that a terminal is on lockdown because after so-called security breach. we're on top of this. our news desk is trying to get answers for you, as soon as we do we'll get them to you after the commercial break. latest sky sci-fi epic, which movie is breaking into the billionaires club and why this achievement is special for a well-known hollywood producer next.
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
>> break news now on the fox
7:52 pm
report. we're getting early reports of a reported security breach at one of the tri state area's biggest airports, the terminal at newark airport. it's newark international airport. it's outside of new york in new jersey. it's in lockdown because after so-called security breach. newark liberty airport is one of the busiest airports in this country and we're now getting word terminal c is indeed the terminal that's in lockdown at this hour. we don't know exactly what breach, what measures, what suspicious activities led to this terminal being shut down. it's interesting to note that newark airport by the way is the very first airport in all of the northeast in fact that is in line this year to receive those full body scanners, those x-ray machines, the controversial ones that many proponents have said leave little to the imagination, but that in fact if they had been in place, let's say in amsterdam, they could have stopped the underwear bomber, umar farouk
7:53 pm
abdul mutallab before he boarded a plane headed for detroit on christmas day. now, this terminal that's just been closed at newark international airport also happens to be within hours of the new ssa security, the federal security administration, basically, administering the new guidelines that are going to be taken into effect as of midnight tonight. the tsa transportation security administration i should say, issued these new guidelines meaning that all planes flying into united states through nations with anti-west terrorism ties now will be undergoing these very tight screening procedures. in fact, some 12 nations have been listed among them of course, yemen, where abdul mutallab is originally based from. countries like pakistan, iran and syria, newark liberty international airport would be an airport where those flights would fly into. and tomorrow also happens to be one of the busiest travel
7:54 pm
taste of the year. we have just entered a new year and security of course was very tight here in new york city on the eve of 2010. and now, with these new security guidelines entering airports all over the country to basically prevent another foiled attack, another attempted attack like the one on christmas day, we're hearing that now, newark liberty international airport has closed one of its terminals due to a security breach and we've just now confirmed our fox desk has confirmed that's terminal c. i should mention terminal b is the one we're going to be installing those body scanning devices, right next door. we are going to have much, much more on this developing story as soon as we come back. [ male announcer ] let's talk about putting our best square foot forward.
7:55 pm
then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms.
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oight now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus? >> a look now at some of our top stories. a reported security breach at terminal c at newark airport outside of new york city in lockdown because of a security breach. we're just getting word and those on media websites right
7:57 pm
now are actually saying that they may have seen a man leave out the side of a building for whatever reason. we haven't confirmed this. we have confirmed terminal c in lockdown, a security breach. why, what led to it? we're on it. keep it here on fox we'll keep you updated and also this coming just hours before brand new security rules are supposed to be taking effect. in fact, effective midnight tonight, international flights headed into the u.s. are under new strict guidelines. homeland security announcing new policies by which passengers will be screened and how thoroughly they will be checked on flights around the world. the new rules coming in the wake of that attempted attack on flight 253 christmas day. all right, switching gears. >> come between me and my calvins, nothing. >> julie: remember that controversial ad from the 1970's, for some women it seems to hold true. it used to be diamonds were a girl's best friends. well, now we hear about some women's lust for an old pair of jeans.
7:58 pm
sorry, guys. a new survey reveals british women actually fantasize more about fitting into their old jeans or as we like to call them our skinny jeans than about having sex. that's right, more than a third of those polls say that slipping into a pair of so-called trophy convenience trumps fantasies about hollywood heart throbs like george clooney and brad pitt or sex in general. not so strange when some women say their jeans outlasted their longest relationship. this survey was conducted by "special k," the cereal markets itself as one way for women to fulfill their deepest fantasies and stay forever in blue jeans. >> i believe who i am. and out there is the true world and here is the dream. >> you have to leave or you're going to die. >> they've sent us a message-- >> clips from the new james cameron sci-fi hit.
7:59 pm
now passing the one billion dollar mark and ticket sales worldwide, avatar is just the fifth movie ever to gross that much and amazingly, two of cameron's movies are in the one billion club. his 1997 hit "titanic" currently holds the record at 1.8 billion, followed by lord of the rings, return of the king. pirates of the caribbean, dead man's chest and the dark knight all exceeded expectations at the box office. and on this day in 1938 it was the one of the most dreaded illnesses of the 20th century prompting then president franklin d roosevelt to establish what is now the march of dimes. the charity's original purpose to beat the epidemic known as polio and beat the disease. it helped create successful polio vac sees and 1958 rededicated itself to preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant

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